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Established in 2013 by Mela Clark-Pitts, Events By Clark has evolved into a premier events service. Mela's journey, fueled by passion, led to luxury rentals, coordination, decor, and planning services. With an exceptional team, they flawlessly execute various events, guided by unparalleled customer service.

Mela attributes her success to her parents' sacrifices, instilling values of hard work and faith. Her husband's boundless support is a constant, and her mother's faith in God shapes her resilience. Inspired by her father's dedication, Mela learned the rewards of hard work. Grateful for her parents' unwavering love, their support fuels her ambition. Despite professional challenges, Mela strikes a harmonious balance with her husband's unwavering support and family backing.

About Events by Clark

In a soul-searching journey, Mela aligns her life's purpose with Events By Clark since 2023. Beyond luxury events, the company raises awareness of prostate cancer, a cause deeply personal to Mela, who lost her grandfather and father to this disease. Determined to make an impact, she not only promotes awareness but also donates proceeds to a non-profit focusing on support, research, and health equity. Urgency stems from health disparities, emphasizing the need for awareness and early detection. Mela engages in heartfelt conversations, inspiring clients to advocate for regular screening.

Mela tenaciously expands Events By Clark, strategically building a skilled team and enhancing luxury rentals. Simultaneously, she lays the foundation for an opulent gala to spotlight men's health and fundraise against prostate cancer. Envisioning collaboration with a non-profit, Mela seeks innovative ways to amplify awareness in the Houston community, aiming for a lasting impact.

About Mela

With a degree from an HBCU and an MBA from Washington, DC, Mela blends her event management expertise with strategic business acumen. She seamlessly fuses business knowledge with creative vision, delivering top-tier services. Her commitment to excellence and creating memorable experiences solidify Events By Clark as a trusted industry name.

Advice From Mela

Mela passionately encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to persevere, urging them to channel their passion not just for business growth but also to kindle the flame of their company's mission. She staunchly believes that aligning passion with a noble cause creates a potent synergy, not only fostering success but also making a lasting impact on the world.


Contact Information:

Owner: Mela Clark
Location: 6140 Hwy 6 #1224, Missouri City, TX 77459
Number: 757.745.9129
IG: @eventsbyclark